About Us

Founder Of Hoodooden - Witches Paradise To Shop


How I started:

Fifteen years ago, I was presented with the power of crystalline healing. I have been thrilled with the non-invasive and effective holistic approach since.
It sparked a passion for energy healing that has never disappeared in a decade and a half. From the beginning, I could not have enough - I plunged into all the topics I found. I studied, Wicca, Chi, Reiki, Quantum Healing, etc. I am a Reiki Level 1 student and on the way to being a Reiki Master. I have been practicing for three years and now I have the freedom to work on others and to open up the energy channels more deeply. It is the craft I enjoy doing at home with my two daughters.

My Mission:

I cherish my ability to be mindful and to channel energy as a way to help others. My core mission, the reason I study these subjects and the reason I’ve opened this shop, is to help others down their spiritual paths by equipping them with the tools they need. I hope the products I sell will make a difference in the lives of others every day.

How do I select Products:

I am personally my own best customer. There is nothing I sell that wouldn’t be my first choice as a consumer. From witch boxes and alter spoons to crystal witch crowns, I hand pick every item in the store with love and I only choose quality pieces that I know will be supportive on your journey to explore energy work. I have a passion for this work. I receive the orders, manage packaging and shipping, and I am the entire customer service staff. I manage all the work done at that store and I do it because I love it. I hope that by exploring the store you will find the items you need and the pieces you love. .