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Witches Eclipse Calendar For 2022

Eclipse Calendar For 2022 For Witches 

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth, temporarily blocking sunlight wholly or partially. The eclipse's energy creates a state of higher intensity and emotional responsiveness as the moon blocks the effects of sunlight on our planet.

Similar to the intensity of a full moon, but much more powerful, this energy encourages us to go inside and observe ourselves for responsiveness and dealing with past topics. This energy contributes to a similar breakthrough in a lunar eclipse.  

Solar Eclipse -   April 30th visible (Partial) South/West South

America, Pacific,

Atlantic, Antarctica

 Lunar Eclipse -   May 15  visible to South/West Europe,

South/West Asia, Africa, much of North America, South America,

Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica

Solar Eclipse -  October 25  visible to (Partial) Europe, South/West

Asia, North/East, Africa, Atlantic

 Lunar Eclipse - November 8 visible to North/East Europe,

Asia, Australia, North, America, Much of, South America, Pacific, Atlantic,

Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica


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