Apothecary Shop - The History of the Apothecary

Apothecary Shop - The History of the Apothecary

What was an apothecary?

Wicca is one of the oldest and most naturally simple ways of living. Many people live quiet lives using herbs and magic to help themselves and others to the benefit of all. You do not need a lot of equipment to get started on the path, but you will need somewhere to store your ingredients, tools, etc., as these will grow with your confidence and practice. So, let’s look at apothecary boxes.  

“Apothecary” is an old word (almost as old as Wicca itself). It originally referred to a person who sold medicines, drugs, compounds, tinctures, etc., kept in an apothecary cabinet or box. The apothecary box generally has a series of drawers and cupboards. Allowing items to be discreetly hidden away from prying eyes. Today, Wiccans predominantly use apothecary boxes as they are perfect for holding herbs, essential oils, crystals, smudge kits, matches, etc., all used in spell-work or rituals.

With an apothecary box, you can decide what you use the most and keep the ingredients together. If you use certain spells regularly, such as blessings, gratitude, or abundance spells, then you can keep the herbs for each spell together in one place, so all you need to do is open your drawer, take out your ingredients are you set to go. Alternatively, you can keep different items of the same type in one drawer, so you always know where to look for them.   

 Magical Uses of Apothecary Boxes

Whether you are just starting on your Wiccan journey or whether you have been on the path for years, there have been a few things you will always need. These include candles (of varying colors, herbs, and different crystals (for your spells), anointing oils, incense, an altar cloth (possibly), and somewhere to keep them all! Fortunately, we have an array of beautiful sturdy (no flimsy flatpack or plastic here) natural wooden apothecary boxes. Not only are these very useful, but they are stylish too. They are made lovingly and mindfully from natural wood and inscribed with different symbols.

The apothecary boxes also have a dual purpose. Used as an altar for your needs, so you do not need to have an alternative surface when setting up your altar for spell-work. The symbols on the boxes are all magical, and this not only gives them an appealing look, but the symbols (such as the triple moon) or chakra carved apothecary box are relevant to your workings.


Suppose you like an extra layer of protection for your tools or spell ingredients. You can put a protective spell on them, but why do that when you can choose an enchanting apothecary box that is already magically scribed with the protective pentagram? You can choose to strengthen that protection at any time.

                         Effective Spells                            

The most effective spells are those carried out at the appropriate time by the moon, the day of the week, the season, etc. So, other great magical uses of Apothecary boxes are to store your book of shadows or timetable. Meaning you will not have to look for information each time you need it. It will be safe and sound, together with the ingredients you need. 


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