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How to Make a Love Spell Bowl

Attract the Love You’re Meant to Find

Love spells have become increasingly popular in modern times, and for good reason. While love is an important part of life, many people find it difficult to attract the right partner. There are a few steps involved in casting a love spell. First, you need to make sure your intentions are as clear and honest as possible.

With the recent pandemic, you’re stuck at home swiping endlessly on Tinder, hoping to make a meaningful connection with someone who’s probably only judging you on your looks - but what other options do you have?

It almost has a witch wondering how to make a love spell to find the perfect person. Okay, I know what you’re thinking - aren’t love spells unethical? Well, yes. Let’s be clear - you should never perform a spell on someone that goes against their consent.

That’s why this isn’t going to be your typical love spell. Instead of directing this at a specific target, we’re going to cast this spell with the intent of attracting love to you and helping you find someone who is likely to feel the same way. Let’s get started!


● Candleholder

● Firesafe bowl

● Matches or lighter

● Pencil and paper


● Pink Salt

● Rose Petles

● Lavender Bud

● Red, pink, or white candle


Start by cleansing all of your tools and ingredients. You can do this by burning sage or incense or even ringing bells. Your local apothecary shop or Wicca store may have love-drawing incenses you can use to enhance that effect.

Next, write your intention down on your piece of paper. It can read something like this:

“I swiftly attract the love that meant to find me.”

Remember to write your intention in the present tense, as though you already possess or deserve it. If you say “I will…” then the universe might make you wait for it!

Fold up your intention as small as possible and set it aside later.

Lay your bowl out in a safe location, placing your candle and candleholder in the center. If you’d like, carve a love sigil on your candle or dress it in your choice of anointing oil before you continue.

Slowly add your ingredients around the candle, making sure to state your intent with each one. Here are mine, for example:

Himalayan pink salt - to attract a romantic partner

Rose petals - to form a profoundly passionate connection

Lavender buds - to maintain long-lasting love

You can add anything else to the bowl that attracts love, but be careful not to overfill it with items that may catch fire. Be sure to provide ample space around your candleholder - safety first!

Finally, add the paper with your intent, speaking it again while you light your candle. If you’d like, you can carefully seal the intention with wax from your candle.

Allow the candle to burn for as long as possible and reap the benefits! May you find love and compassion in abundance. Blessed be.

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