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  • Crystal Crown Meditation

    A crystal crown, also called a witches’ crown or witch headdress, is simply a tiara crafted with energetically-charged crystals. Practicing witches may use a crystal headpiece in rituals, spellworking, and meditation.
  • Witches Eclipse Calendar For 2022

    Eclipse Calendar For 2022 For Witches  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth, temporarily blocking ...
  • What Is Apothecary Box - Free Book Magical Uses Guide Book

    A witch Apothecary Boxes box is one of the best and easiest ways my opinion, to collect spiritual tools and try out new products without having to leave your house. It's how I've collected most of the items in my self-care space! In this post, I'm sharing the best witch Apothecary Boxes currently on the market. I update this list monthly, adding any high-quality witch box I find that is worth looking
  • How to Make a Love Spell Bowl

    That’s why this isn’t going to be your typical love spell. Instead of directing this at a specific target, we’re going to cast this spell with the intent of attracting love to you and helping you find someone who is likely to feel the same way. Let’s get started!
  • Witches Blue Moon Spell - Apothecary Witch Blog

    Blue Moon SpellWe can use the blue moon for second chances, love, protection, fertility, and knowledge. For this spell, take a crystal that talks t...
  • Protection Spell Witchcraft

    Easy Protection Spell For Witchcraft Help prevent negative energies and/or spirits from entering your home. All you need is:   • Handful of rosemar...
  • Simple Life Of An Apothecary Witch Blog

    Apothecary” is an old word (almost as old as Wicca itself). It originally referred to a person who sold medicines, drugs, compounds, tinctures, etc.The apothecary box generally has a series of drawers and cupboards. Allowing items to be discreetly hidden away from prying eyes. Today, Wiccans predominantly use apothecary boxes as they are perfect for holding herbs, essential oils, crystals, smudge kits, matches, etc., all
  • Wiccan Altar And What Goes On It?

    The altar is a sacred space in which we put and use the elements of our practice. Sometimes is too obvious that we overlook the true function of th...
  • Why Buy From Our Witch Apothecary Shop?

    Our witchcraft supplies are ideal for novice and experienced witches and spiritual practitioners of all kinds.

    May, your altar assist in staying connected to the goals you have set for your day and life.

    Enjoy the process, and you will experience more serenity, calm, and love in all areas of your life. Anything that brings you closer to your divine nature is worthwhile, so be open-minded, inquiring, and inventive in your planning.