Witches Apothecary Cabinets, Altar Tables & Supplies

Tap into your magickal power and bring out the best witch in you. with our apothecaries. Women owned small online buiness, proud to offer high-quality witchcraft supplies affordable prices.

Apothecary Cabinets

Wooden Witch Apothecary Altar Boxes Banish clutter with a clean, organized witch... 

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Witchy Herbs

Witch Apothecary is proud to offer you Witchy Herbs to use in... 

Witch Apothecary & Witchcraft Supllies

Find the perfect apothecay gift or witchy decor at our Witchcraft Store. From modern witch supplies, to altars, and more.. Our witchcraft shop has been approved by, The Sassy Witches Group on Facebook, with over 42,000 Witches, Wiccans. and Pagans.

Where the witches go for their apothecaries!

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    Seven Chakra Tuning Forks

    Chakra tuning forks are fantastic tools for complete holistic healing. Help your body cope and open up pathways containg your energy centers.

    Heal your energy centers 
  • Wicca Jewelry, Silver witch rings, silver witch jewelry,

    Triple Moon, Mystic Topaz Wiccan Silver Ring Set

    A must-have for the goddess in your life. 925 Silver and featuring a Mystic Topaz stone, keep your thoughts positive, open, and free of negativity.

    Wiccan Ring Set, Choose your style 
  • Witch Kitchen Decor Tapestry Banner

    Featuring 25 mushrooms with scientific names this witch kitchen decor 12” by 51" made from polyester material; If you love mushrooms this is the perfect wall decoration for you!

    K-I-T-C-H Witch Wall Decor 
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Cauldron Cast Iron

Cast Iron Cauldrons Large & small cauldron cast iron for cooking and...